BTS Group

About Us


As BTS Group, we have actualized our transformation process into a technology vendor by focusing on artificial intelligence-based programmable infrastructures as of 2018. We develop technology in our country by implementing our technology base, BTS LABS, which is Turkey's first R&D center in SDx and ICT Automation, and we cooperate with the industry's leading vendors and cloud companies on new generation artificial intelligence-based programmable solutions. With our BTS Sybelle for Virtualization, BTS Sybelle for Hyperconverged Infrastructure, BTS Olympos Automation Platform products, we are proud of entering the markets dominated by world giants as an innovative Turkish technology vendor.

The latest solutions combining security and automation are offered under the umbrella of BTS CSS (Cutting-Edge Solutions & Services), the other unit of our group companies. BTS CSS has been presenting the solutions of many technology vendors such as Aruba Networks, AWS, BTS LABS, Cisco, HPE, Ivanti. It`s engaged in sales, professional services, and joint products development activities through the partner ecosystem. In line with the strategic transformation plan of the group, it also started joint product development activities with the BTS CSS brand, sales, professional services, and vendors through the business partner ecosystem in the field of new generation value-added security and automation technologies.


Through BTS LABS, which is Turkey's first R&D center in the field of SDx and Automation technologies, we implemented the Mental Arts training program, in which we plan to train the engineers of the future.



As BTS Group we are proud to realize a transformation that is the first in the field of programmable infrastructures by evolving from a group of companies that provide services and solutions to a group of companies that produce and develop technology. In addition, with BTS LABS, which we have implemented under the umbrella of BTS Corporate, one of our BTS Group companies, in order to deepen the expertise we have developed in different fields, we produce autonomous platforms for many sectors, especially finance and telecommunications, and we make a difference with our artificial intelligence-based design approaches that we use in the basic functions of the products we develop. Through our proactive approach and strong team, we have managed to become pioneers of the industry. Today, we are getting closer and closer to our goal of becoming an important player in global markets.


As BTS Group; Our primary goal is to bring our customers together with innovative technologies and solutions. Based on this principle, the R&D Center BTS LABS was established in order to provide the research and development activities. It forms the basis of the solutions, technologies, and approaches we offer, to the use of all actors in the IT market, from businesses to academic institutions, from the world`s leading technology companies to domestic and foreign organizations. We consider it the first of our long-term goals to provide social benefit with the outputs we would obtain with the expertise of our advanced engineers and academics in this center.  


One of the key factors that enable our BTS group of companies to grow day by day is our cooperation with the leading global and Turkish institutions. In order to strengthen these collaborations and take them much further, our R&D center is implementing BTS LABS simultaneously while we sign protocols with the leading institutions. ITU Artificial Intelligence Center, Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Informatics and Turkish German University are just a few of these precious institutions. 

QualIty and Standards

As BTS Group; we assist our customer`s compliance with our consultancy services for Law no:5746, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, , ISO 45001, TSE HYB, MSB/NATO quality, and management standards. 

Human Resources PolIcy

The most important factor that enables us to create a successful corporate culture across our BTS group of companies is quality human resources. The best and most accurate evaluation of this resource is one of our corporate governance principles.


Through our innovative vision set in motion with BTS LABS, we started our efforts to transfer the knowledge in the fields of artificial intelligence and automation to the younger generations. We implemented an internship and training program called Mental Arts in order to train engineers who will guide the projects of the future with BTS experience and expertise. In Mental Arts, which is based on international models, we introduce senior university students and new graduates to the engineering of the future with our staff who are the best in their fields. 


BTS LABS, which has the title of R&D Center and offers its own products to the market with the software it has developed, has accelerated its work with many projects with R&D quality. BTS LABS is expanding its senior technical staff with two separate units, which include many engineers and academics, and is looking for new teammates for open positions. You can find open positions for our BTS LABS R&D center on our LinkedIn account.