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BTS Olympos Automation Platform

Monitor, manage, optimize

BTS Olympos Automation Platform is a multi-vendor monitoring and orchestration platform for enterprise, campus, data centers and service provider networks. With its telemetry engine, rule-based automation, and support services components, it enables monitoring and analysis on various sizes network infrastructures from a single interface.


Automatic Telemetry and YANG Model for multi-vendor devices

Rule-Based Automation

Automation according to predefined or newly defined conditions and rules

Inventory Managemen

Best software image recommendation for network devices, hardware and software error visualization and reporting

BTS Olympos Automation Platform

It increases the control of the network administrators over the system with warnings and alarms, notifies the relevant units, and analyzes past warnings/alarms. In addition, BTS Olympos allows automatic execution and orchestration according to established or predefined rules thanks to its rule-based automation. It makes managing networks of various sizes easier than ever before, with vendor-specific fault tracing and guidance for firmware updates.

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Time Saving

Approximately 35% time saving in fault detection with the "KPI Stability Monitoring" feature during daily routine operations


Easy Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting on the right device at the right time for internet service providers network administrators


Expandable Device Support

Automatic telemetry and YANG Model integration and control possibility for multi-vendor devices included in the network


More flexibility

Many operations and analysis opportunities on network infrastructures of all sizes with observability and rule-based automation products



Instant notification management with 3rd party applications such as Webex, MS Teams, Jira and Wrike



Automation and orchestration specific to KPIs determined in line with usage conditions, needs and demands

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