BTS Group

BTS has a unique vision for the AI-enabled SDx and Automation market. Our R&D Center BTS LABS develops innovative products that fulfils to the customers with power of BTS CSS technical alliances.



BTS LABS is the first R&D Center focused on SDx and Automation fields and continues research and development activities with collaboration of industry leading tech giants and institutions.

BTS Sybelle Container Orchestration Platform enables running OCI (Open Container Initiative) containers with its scalable architecture automated with PodMan. Fully integrated with BTS Sybelle Virtualization Platform and BTS Sybelle Hyperconverged Platform. It provides not only management, monitoring and operation features but also all containerization and virtualization features via the internal web interface.


Through templates and Microservice architecture, predefined service infrastructures can be deployed and be in service instantly with ease. Linux Namespace and Cgroup features provides segmentation, control and synchronization features. Therefore, it provides much easier monitoring of services such as autoscaling, which is crucial by means of containerization, faster and managable.



BTS ESS, Excellence Center of BTS, builds value added services in the new generation DevOps / NetDevOps needs of customers and provides implementations for fully automated infrastructures.